Support Policy Page

Customer service guidelines

Kanemtrade provides an extraordinary experience to customers. Customers have come to expect this type of service, and that is what keeps them coming back for more purchases. As a seller, you are now in control of this experience for your customers. We expect that you will keep this philosophy in mind and ensure that the customer contacts for which you are responsible are timely, honest, and respectful.

Seller will handle all customer contacts relating to those customer service issues for which the seller is responsible, including seller customer service areas such as:

·         Products, pricing, rebates, item information, availability, technical support, warranty, and public and private recalls

·         Anything related to third party platform editions of your products (for example, iPad and Android issues)

·         Order fulfillment

·         Order cancellation by you or a customer through seller sales channels

·         Feedback concerning experiences with your personnel, policies, and processes. "Personnel" includes any third party warranting, administering, or otherwise involved in the offer, sale, performance, or fulfillment of your products, including any of your employees, representatives, agents, contractors, or subcontractors.

Kanemtrade will handle all customer contacts relating to those customer service issues for which Kanemtrade is responsible, including Kanemtrade customer service areas such as:

·         Payment

·         Credit card processing, debiting, or crediting

·         Use of Kanemtrade sites and their features (including the ordering process, cancellation process, use of customer accounts, help, and subscription management, but excluding seller order fulfillment issues)

·         Performance of the Kanemtrade sites

Unless seller and Kanemtrade agree otherwise, with respect to communications sent to customers:

·         Kanemtrade will handle all transactional communications (such as order confirmations, cancellation confirmations, notices of auto-renewal, and similar communications) related to the purchase or auto-renewal of a product.

·         Seller will handle all service or content update communications.

Kanemtrade may implement mechanisms that rate, or allow customers to rate, your products and your performance as a seller, and Kanemtrade may make these ratings and feedback publicly available.

When providing customer service for products purchased via Subscribe with Kanemtrade program, the customer service for your products should be at least as responsive and available as the most favorable customer service offered through any seller sales channels and offer at least the same level of support.