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 USB Integrated socket provides a total of 2A charging capacity. This means that if only one device is connected, the total rated output current of 2A is available from either port. In the event that both ports are connected, the total rated current will be divided between the two ports. This prevents overload and excessive currents being provided to connectors, cables and devices which could generate a safety issue.

MK’s Dynamic Device Recognition* detects differing charging configurations and requirements and reacts accordingly, for example if two devices were charging simultaneously, more current will be diverted to the device with the least charge and the biggest demand for optimal and efficient charging.

What is Dynamic Device Recognition?

Manufacturers have each adopted differing configurations for charging their devices. The MK Electric USB Integrated socket has been designed such that it understands and recognises this nuance and is designed to react accordingly, rather than be aligned to one specific charging configuration. This ensures we provide the optimum charging compatibility across a broad range of devices.

Can I charge two different devices from two different manufacturers at the same time?

The MK Electric USB Integrated socket is designed such that the dynamic device recognition is unique to each USB port which means that different manufacturers devices can be charged simultaneously without any impairment to the other. As well as different manufacturers, each port can also charge different types of devices at the same time i.e. the ports are not allocated to specific devices such as tablets or phones.

How can I be sure my device will be compatible?

MK Electric has undertaken extensive compatibility testing and found that numerous devices from various manufacturers are compatible.

Which standards do your products conform to?

The MK Electric USB charging socket holds the CE mark as it conforms to all the safety certification and approvals applicable for a 13A socket including BS 5733 and relevant parts of BS 1363-2 and IEC BS1363-2 (2016). MK Electric prides itself on delivering the safest solution to our customers, which is why we also have conformity to the relevant directives applicable to electronic products and which should be mandatory for this type of product. This includes IEC 61000-6-1 and IEC 61000-6-3 which covers Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

What back box depth will I need?

All products fit into a 25mm back box with the exception of Edge™ and Aspect, which require a 35mm back box. For extra wiring space we would recommend the use of a 47mm back box for Edge™ and Aspect products, in line with current practice. We will also offer a 10mm moulded pattress to allow retrofit into a shallower box.

Why are your USB ports vertically stacked in the centre of the socket?

The MK Electric 2 Gang USB charging socket has its USB ports aligned under the rockers to ensure the least disruption to the 13A plug space. When larger transformer type plugs are used on the 13A outlets, there is the risk that they will cover the USB ports and make them inaccessible if they are located elsewhere on the socket. Locating them in the way that we do allows for all four outlets to be used simultaneously.

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